Should I Save My Money?

Why should you save your money? A good reason is for a family or household emergency. What if you or a member of your household lost your job? What if the wage earner in your family got hurt on the job or had a traffic accident and are unable to work for a month, six months, a year or longer.

What will you do if you have not saved any money? You will probably over extend yourself by charging or borrowing what you do not have to handle these types of emergencies.

This problem could be devastating to your finances if you did not have money saved to get you through those hard times. Remember it is important to save your money for situations like this.

How much money should I save for an emergency? Well, you should have at least three to six months of living expenses in your bank account.

Saving Your Money, how do I go about doing this? A good way to start Saving Your Money is to begin by paying yourself first! That’s right, when you receive your paycheck you should always pay yourself a specific amount of money, even if it’s five or ten dollars.

Pay yourself first before you pay anyone! This concept may sound simple, however, most people do not think about doing this. Paying yourself first, is an important step in saving your money, creating financial security and making your money grow.

Do you have change in your pockets, purse or wallet? I’m sure you do! Well, you can take that loose change you have and throw it in a jar to make your money grow!

You will be able to save lots of money this way. Can you believe that the change that you put in your jar can add up to hundreds of dollars a year! This is an excellent way to save your money.

Where should I put my savings? You can put your savings in any of the following: credit union, commercial bank account, certificate of deposits, money markets and savings bonds.

Save Your Change

How Do I Make A Personal Budget?

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